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'The compass Rose is the schematic representation of the cardinal directions and of the winds which are associated to each point defined as the direction of origin: North, South, East and West and the directions determinated by them. The compass rose spread starting from the Republic of Amalfi, at the time of the Maritime Republics.'

In the early days of sailing,when the compass was not in use yet, the only reference for orientation was the North Star and the others directions, which referred always to the North Star, were identified by the name of the winds that came from that direction.

The graphical representation of this primitive system of reference is the compass Rose, that is still used to give a rough indication of the direction of the wind.

The choice of this logo has two main inspirations: the first wanted to put Stema as reference point for all companies which, in that period of rapid evolution, were looking for a technological partner to consolidate their own production.
The second one would represente the enterprising soul of Stema: dynamic and ready to move in all directions in order to achieve and meet the needs of the customer.

The name

Stema is the acronym made up of the following words:
Service, Technology, Engineering, Machinery, Automation.