Since 2000

Who we are

Stema was founded in 1999 and soon became a reference partner for the automatic drilling and insertion process.
Its customers include the largest Italian and European furniture manufacturers.

Over the years, following the various directions indicated by its corporate symbol, the wind rose, the range of services and products offered by Stema expands: from the single work center to the automated production line, for wood and for the aluminum. Assistance, integrations, handlings and retrofits are some of the services that Stema daily offers to its customers with
commitment and professionalism.

In 2009 Stema became the owner of the Due.B.Erre brand, thus combining the experiences of two companies that have traveled until today with a path of great technical importance: on the one hand, thirty years of mechanical experience and on the other, technological innovation.

In 2019, following a constant growth, Stema opened a new headquarter where to build and test important high-production plants.


News & Events

Ligna 2023 in Hannover

Stema presents itself at the appointment with Ligna 2023 in Hannover to consolidate its role as a company with innovative technical ideas and solutions, aware that the strength of a …

New headquarter in 2019

In 2019 the new Stema headquarters will be opened. With an area of 3000 square meters it will be able to accommodate the assembly and testing of high production drilling …

Happy birthday STEMA

Stema turns 20! Our company can boast of a twenty-year history of success in the wood sector, always putting customer satisfaction and the creation of new custom solutions in the …